Conclusion Of Crackback

Welcome back all novel readers and writers.  Crackback was an amazing book. After all this time I finally finished it. It is a totally recommended book. You will not regret that choice. Miles ends up getting the most beautiful girl he could ever ask for. On top of that his dad is also starting to lighten up on him. Miles and his dad have a wonderful relationship with each other. His football career  was going great but not surprisingly, coach stahl ended it over something extremely stupid. Miles had actually won his football team the game and still was punished for it by his stubborn coach. Miles was supposed to be safety, but instead he gambled for the field goal block because he just knew they were going to play it safe and kick it for the tie for overtime. When they hiked the ball Miles fired off and dived for the block. He Surprisingly succeeded his attempt to block the football. The crowd went ballistic. Miles won them the game and made them got to the playoffs. The score was seven to six. They won by that one, single, game changing point. He was loved by everyone except one jealous person, coach stahl. The coach told him that his job was to play safety and watch for fake and he disobeyed that and did his own thing and for that he is off the team for not listening to the head coach. Miles didn’t even care. The only thing he cared about is his future with the girl of his life.



Welcome all readers. I have started a new book called Crackback by John Coy.  It is a really great underdog story. I am enjoying this novel so far. It relates to my life so much. Right now in this novel, a boy name manning is on this football team and they just had there first game. Surprisingly, he did very well and got the first touchdown with an interception. He is excited about that because he thinks that increased his chances of going with the dance with his secret crush. I predict that he is going to ask his crush and she is going to say ‘yes’ because she has been eyeing him and grinning every time they come in contact with each other. I have no doubt in my saying.

8th Grade Benchwarmer

Welcome all readers. The name of my novel is 8th Grade Benchwarmer. It is a very inspirational book. It taught me numerous things. I learned to spend every second of life like its my last and try my hardest at everything no matter how much time I have. I think it is a wonderful novel and it is filled with multiple surprises.